How To Put AdSense On Your WordPress Site

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Placing Google AdSense code on your WordPress based website is easy, but not obvious. This article will show you how to put your AdSense code on your site to get started. To use this information, you must have WordPress installed, your site set up, a Google AdSense account, and the AdSense code snippet that Google provides.

  1. Begin by logging into your site’s WordPress dashboard as an administrator.
  2. On the left, hover over the Appearance link, and click on the fly out menu called Widgets.
  3. On the widgets page, you have many widgets to choose from. Find the one called “Text”.
  4. Click on Text, drag it to one of the widget area groups on the right, and release it. In our case, I placed it in the Right Sidebar area. Don’t worry, you can change this later by dragging it elsewhere. For now, go ahead and place it in the Right Sidebar.Wordpress Screen Capture 1
  5. Give your text area a title. I gave ours the unimaginative title “Advertisement”.
  6. In the large area, paste your Google AdSense code like this:AdSense code insertion
  7. Click the Save button to finish the process.

Now you have an AdSense advertisement on your WordPress pages. You can now drag the advertisement text widget around to other toolbar areas. You can also add or subtract advertisements by adding and deleting other text areas to your liking.